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CIE, with 38 years’ experience, is proud to be one of the European leader companies in design, development, manufacture and installation of standard Wastewater plants, specifically dedicated to metal finishing industry.

CIE is also leader in engineering, fabrication, and installation of Zero Liquid Discharge plants for metal finishing lines, enabling wastewater transformation into a valuable resource for a Total Water Reuse, reducing costs associated with water consumption and reducing the impact on the environment.

CIE is present and operates worldwide providing unmatched efficiency, reliability and knowledge, thanks to its team of skilled experts.

CIE offers, in collaboration with his subsidiary MST CHEMICALS, different solutions specifically designed for metal finishing lines thanks to a background knowledge and experience in chemical composition of typical working baths.

Our Management

Franco Falcone

General Manager & CEO

Rosario C. Patricelli

Technical Sales Manager

Anastasios Vergani

Chemical Research & Development

CIE Evolution

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